2020 Endorsed Candidates

YOUR VOTE MATTERS!! Be sure to vote all the way down your ballot. The local offices further down the ballot are held by those who represent us in Olympia and in Pierce County. What they do has the biggest impact on our daily lives. If you would like to learn more about our endorsed candidates, click on their photo and you will be taken to their campaign website.

25th Legislative District

25th Legislative District, State Senate

Julie Door

25th Legislative District, House Position 1

Jamie Smith

25th Legislative District, House Position 2

Brian Duthie

Congressional Offices

Representative, 8th Congressional District (Incumbent)

Dr. Kim Schrier

Representative, 10th Congressional District

Beth Doglio

Statewide Offices

Lieutenant Governor

Denny Heck

Secretary of State

Gael Tarleton

State Treasurer

Mike Pellicciotti

State Auditor

Pat McCarthy

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler

Supreme Court, Position 3

Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Supreme Court, Position 6

Helen Whitener

County Offices

Pierce County Executive

Larry Seaquist

Pierce County Sheriff

Cyndie Fajardo

Pierce County Council, District 2

Sarah Rumbaugh

Judge, Pierce County Superior Court, Department 4

Bryan Chushcoff